What is a CBD Oil and Its Benefits

The advancement and development of technology have tremendously changed many aspects of our lives becoming a reality. These aspects include education, living, job, medical assistance, and so much more. Modern technology had brought tools and devices in our life such as the internet, gadgets, and technological appliances just to say the least. It is to lessen the daily tasks and jobs we have. All of those do help to make our life easier and effective. In terms of medical assistance, lots of new drugs and technology were created to help in giving people with medical conditions another chance to enjoy their lives. These drugs and technology can help in providing an extension in our dying lives. All of these can accompany and assist the professionals to properly execute the required ways of treatment of a patient. 

Back before, people mostly die because of their sickness. Children from the ancient times and our ancestors only have a poor state of medical assistance but now, almost all of the sickness can be cured through the help of advancement in science and research. Salute to those people behind these innovations and creations!

Some people do take and apply cannabidiol to treat and cure various symptoms or sickness. Though it is used, still it is controversial.  There are still lots of questions about what this is and how it can benefit or affect the people. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD Oil Benefits
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The CBD oil refers to the oil that is made up of lots of compounds such as the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Researchers and medical practitioners, along with the modern science, continually look for possible therapeutic uses of this oil in terms of medicinal assistance. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) may bring some benefits in our health, but it may also bring risks and harm when there’s misuse or over overuse. The product is now legal in many parts of United States where marijuana is not. In June year 2018, the Food and Drug Administration of the country have already approved the prescription and use of Epidiolex, it refers to a CBD oil purified form and can treat two types of Epilepsy. 

Now, we will discuss and tackle about the possible health benefits, and also the risks of using the CBD oil. 

Benefits of using CBD oil

1.    Fights Cancer

Researchers have proven that CBD is capable of fighting cancer. CBD was verified that it could help and accompany to prevent cancer cells and spread of it according to the review done by some authors and then published it in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The compounds and contents of CBD can suppress and stop the development of cancer cells in our body and also destroys it. They also clearly stated that CBD contains low levels of toxicity. Now, researchers are still studying and doing their best to find out some more to help the people and secure a safe future. 

2.    Used to Cure Epilepsy

CBD was recognized for its capability to cure Epilepsy. With this, further researches and studies were done and still on progress. Some of the researches were done by the FDA, and they already approved the use of CBD as a therapy for the two and rare conditions of epilepsy seizures recorded in 2018. 

In the United States, Epidiolex is prescribed by doctors to cure:

•    Between the ages of 3 to 5, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or the LGS appears and involves various types of seizures. 

•    During the first year of life, the Dravet syndrome (DS) can affect the people and involves fever-like seizures that can happen frequently. 

These two types of rare epilepsy condition are hard to cure with other treatments. The FDA and the doctors can’t prescribe Epidiolex to those children that are younger than 2 years old. 

3.    Natural Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

People nowadays are used to pain reliever pills and ointments. The CBD is also a pain reliever and also contain anti-inflammatory properties that are needed by our body. In a published study entitled Journal of Experimental Medicine, the CBD was proven to be an excellent pain reliever and also reduced the chronic inflammation in rats and mice.  The researchers stated and suggested that the CBD can be the new treatment for some pain and it is due to the marijuana’s non-psychoactive compounds. 

4.    Quits In Smoking and Even In Drugs

According to the published study entitled Addictive Behaviours, cigarette users and smokers inhales a cigarette that contains CBD. This way, these smokers will not crave more for nicotine contents. Also, there are still some researches that proved the CBD’s use in reducing cigarette smokers in our society. They helped and contributed to the research study to demonstrate that CBD must be allowed to use as a medical assistance for some specific sickness. Through this, cigarette smokers will now reduce in rate, and a safer and healthier life can be achieved. 

5.    Anxiety Disorders

Doctors already advised people diagnosed with anxiety disorders never to take cannabis, as THC does have the ability to trigger the feelings of paranoia and anxiousness. But, the review entitled Neurotherapeutics, reveals that the CBD can help in reducing the anxiety of an individual. Also, some other anxiety-related disorders can also be treated with the CBD including:

•    General anxiety disorder

•    Panic disorder

•    Social anxiety disorder

•    Post-traumatic stress

•    Obsessive-compulsive disorder

There are some noted treatments for these disorders that might have side effects or symptoms. There is still nothing proven treatment for these anxiety-related disorders, but the researchers are doing their very best to find some. 

The CBD oil is a great medical assistance product. Although it contains a compound which is still considered illegal for some states and countries, still it is proven that it can cure some various illnesses. The only key in here is furthermore research and study to know more ideas and ways to benefit from this kind of product. We just need to keep in our mind that in using this, there are limitations. These limitations can help us in properly applying this product in our lives. 

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